International Package Forwarding Service               

International B2B Package Forwarding Service


Our International Package Forwarding Service is offered to businesses that ship products from the USA to customers in the Asian-Pacific region.

This service uses our competitive advantage in supply chain management and robust efficiencies, both of which are core to our competitive foothold in the automobile industry, and applies these benefits to global ecommerce.

We offer a holistic, hassle-free approach to receiving, handling, warehousing and shipping the products you sell online. Our prices are the best value in the industry and reflect our dedication to customer service.


Shipping Services

  • Air Shipping and Handling from USA to South Korea and Australia

  • Logos receives, handles, and forwards packages from the US to your customer’s door. Our shipping rates are all-inclusive and there is NO additional fuel surcharge; Customs Handling and Lost Package Insurance are INCLUDED.

    **All products are received at our OREGON Warehouse and NOT SUBJECT TO STATE SALES TAXES***


  • One TRAK – Comprehensive Tracking Services

  • Once you log in to our system, you will see complete package tracking information in one place. One TRAK is integrated with USA based shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS, as well as with our warehouse and our Korean and Australian Shipping Partners. All package tracking information is displayed on one screen.


Warehouse and Other Services

  • Repackaging and Package Consolidation

  • Repackage single packages or consolidate multiple packages into one package to decrease shipping costs.


  • Package Segregation

  • Split bulk packages into individual orders for multiple destinations.


  • Package / Product Inspection

  • Our handlers inspect and photograph package contents to ensure quality and accuracy. If inaccurate, Logos offers free return processing back to the Retailer.


  • Package Storage

  • Storage of packages received at our warehouse for over 30 days.


  • Online Product Purchasing

  • Our purchasing agents purchase customer specified products with the use of our credit line and have them shipped to our warehouse.


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